Friday, October 29, 2010

Ghosts and Goblins

We want to see your Halloween Baby Pictures! Email them to and we will post them here as they come in.
The Wright Mommy & Me Group with Julie Wright-Santa Monica



The Wright Mommy & Me Group-Santa Monica


 Bryce and The Stroller Strides Halloween Picnic Party

Jack from The Wright Mommy & Me Group

Hunter from The Wright Mommy & Me Group Santa Monica


  Beckett in The Wright Mommy & Me Group with Elyse - Hollywood

 Beckett in The Wright Mommy & Me Group with Elyse - Hollywood

Baby Iris

 Baby Iris and cousin Brock


 Beckett in The Wright Mommy & Me Group with Elyse - Hollywood



 Dillon and Sophie


Colin, 6 months

Brielle in The Wright Mommy & Me Group with Elyse-Hollywood

 Jill Campbell's Mommy & Me Group in Westlake Village

  Jill Campbell's Mommy & Me Group in Westlake Village

  Jill Campbell's Mommy & Me Group in Westlake Village

 Jill Campbell's Mommy & Me Group in Westlake Village
 Jill Campbell's Mommy & Me Group in Westlake Village

Great savings this Halloween weekend only!

Baby BJorn Active Carrier is now Online!
Price $129.95 - Get 25% off this weekend only!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Specials: Peapods & Pouches

It's scary how much you can save at The Pump Station this week!  Ok, bad pun, but work with us. We do have some pretty awesome deals.  This week we are offering items at 25% OFF Displayed Prices. All sales run through Halloween (Sunday evening 10/5/2010).

We have the popular ICM Fleece Blanket Sleepers, Waffle Blankets, and the Baby Pouch from... wait for it, Baby Pouch.  Does your little monkey like to play house or play tent?  KidCo's Peapod Portable Travel Bed is on sale this week.  It's small, light, easy to put up and down.  To show you how easy, check out the 2 videos from KicCo. Items from Juliet Dream, HOTmilk and a Plan Toys favorite are also on sale.

»Short video of Folding Instructions
»Short video of Reshaping Instructions

Head ups, Juliet Dream Anna Nursing & Maternity Tops are now available online in Coral, Black and Steel.  Coming soon are Peacock, Mocha and our favorite, Heather Gray.  Even if you're not going to buy one look at the image for the Black Anna Top.  We think the model is channeling Axel Rose.

We've added one more to the Big Bra Sale.  The Bravado Supreme for only $13.75!

Q-T Nursing Bra 4204

75% OFF
Under $10!

Anita Softcup Microfibre Nursing Bra 507
Anita Nursing Bra 5075 Skin

50% OFF
Under $25!

Bella Materna Sport Bra

50% OFF
Under $45!

Bravado Supreme

75% OFF
Under $15!

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And Don't leave home without your Monkey!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Shop this weekend and get major deals!

Weekly Specials, HOTmilk and Trumpettes

The Weekly Specials are 20% OFF the Displayed Price until Sunday evening 10/24/2010.  As we mentioned in September we are carrying HOTmilk.  This week their sassy Luminous Bras are available online.  Also on sale are Elle Macpherson Intimates Momamia E71-740 Nursing Bras, the award winning Good Nite Lite (as seen on The Doctors) and the popular Kirby Inflatable Tub.

HOTmilk Luminous Nursing Bra

20% OFF
Displayed Price

Good Nite Lite

20% OFF
Displayed Price

Elle Macpherson Momamia E71-740 Nursing Bra

20% OFF
Displayed Price

The Pump Station is always adding new products in stores and online line.  This week Trumpette sneaker/shoe socks are online.  We have Johnnys, Jennys, Mary Janes, Tea Drop and B-Boys.  You really need to check out the B-Boys!  The Trumpette socks are fun and fabulous.  Trumpette baby socks have non-skid soles that are great for crawling around. Doesn't your little one deserve to be wearing the coolest "kicks" around. Check back often,  Skater Johnnys, Baby Buffalo and Jungle Critters will be in stock soon.

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» see Trumpettes.

And Don't leave home without your Monkey!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Start Off This Holiday Season Right on Track!

Pictures in the Park with

Join Professional Photographers Rebecca Rotenberg and Gennia Cui for a 15 minute photo session at Douglas Park on Saturday, November 6th, 2010 from 10:00am-2:00pm

Take advantage of this great special!
Session cost is $99 + CA sales tax Regular $325- a $226 SAVINGS!

Session includes: 
*15 minutes of family portraiture photography at Douglas Park 
*1 high resolution image file suitable for holiday card or gift printing 
*All participants will receive a 10% discount on all holiday card purchases with Docuvitae

Call our Pump Station™ Santa Monica location at (310) 998-1981 to sign up!

For more information on Docuvitae or if you have any questions 
please feel free to call (310) 390-5100 or email

Friday, October 15, 2010

Breastfeeding in Public

Here's some information from Pump Station's You Tube page. Thought we'd post an oldy but a goodie for our newer Pump Station family members. In the video below Corky and Wendy discuss Breastfeeding in Public. (just under 6 minutes)

Don't forget to check out our Breast Feeding Support Groups too!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This Week's Specials, Belly Bandits & Penguins

This week specials are up! The Weekly Specials are 25% OFF Displayed Price and until Sunday evening 10/17/2010. Belly Bandit Originals and Bamboo are on sale. We know how hard it is keeping your posture when your abdominal muscles are weak and stretched out. Belly Bandits provide support for you belly and back while still being comfortable. It bends slightly for bending over. Yes, they are slightly noticeable under clothes, but less so than that post-pregger belly.

Bravado Body Silk

25% OFF
Displayed Price

Dr. Browns

25% OFF
Displayed Price

Belly Bandits

25% OFF
Displayed Price

Of course there is more, the Shape and Sort It Out, Blossumz Breast Therapy Packs and the Baby-in-Site back seat mirror are part of this week's specials.

Now available online is the book Momma Zen (on sale) and Skip Hop's Zoo Mitts for the tub. * Only Penguin is on sale. It's OK, no relation to "The Penguin," Batman's nemesis.

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And Don't leave home without your Monkey!

Friday, October 8, 2010


Every month in 2010, Pepsi is giving away 1.3 million dollars to fund good ideas, big and small, that make the world a better place. The Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation is in the running for $250K and we need YOUR support this October.

Winning will allow us to launch a campaign that will change the face of breast cancer research by getting ALL women enrolled in the Army of Women.

How Will We Use the Grant?
We want to launch a mobile campaign that will allow women to use text messaging to sign up for the Army of Women. Recent studies show that women (especially minority women) are more likely to use cell phones to communicate/connect with others. We need to implement a mobile technology campaign to get ALL women to sign up for the Army of Women and take part in research that will help prevent breast cancer before it starts.

Cast your votes 3 ways every day!
1) Vote Online
In order to vote online, you must first register at After you have registered, simply vote for the Army of Women idea by going to
2) Text in Your Vote
Text 103297 to "73774" (PEPSI) every day. (Standard text messaging rates apply)
3) Vote on Facebook
You can also vote for the Army of Women idea by using the Facebook application for voting. Add the application here and search for the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation’s idea for the Army of Women.
Remember to vote each way, once-per-day and push AOW to the top of the competition in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We can’t do it without your support!

Sign up for our Daily Reminder email and you could win a PINK VESPA!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just Between Friends of Thousand Oaks/Calabasas

October 14-17, 2010
Agoura Hills/Calabasas Community Center
Shop. Sell. Save. Smart!

See photos of past events!