Thursday, May 2, 2013

This is not a blog about “breastfeeding” per se.

I’m writing about the incredible family that IS The Pump Station and Nurtury. I had a total knee replacement a couple of months ago. Enter my co-workers and several caring classroom teachers with whom I have worked for almost 16 years. I was visited in the hospital, at the rehab (with my special coffee after I found out that I was only getting decaf) and at home.

Since it was my right knee, I was unable to drive. I was schlepped to the beauty parlor, therapy, voting, lunches and dinners. I was taken out for walks. Meals were made and brought to me. 

Words alone cannot express my gratitude. How lucky am I to be in the company of such fabulous women. I’m looking forward to getting back to work. 
Thanks and love to all.

Carol has been with The Pump Station for over 16 years. You can find her behind the counter at our Santa Monica location handling phone calls, class registration and sales. Come on by and say hello. Ask her about college football and you'll be her new BFF! We are very happy to have her back and that she is doing much, much better!