Thursday, December 19, 2013

An Honest Guide for Holiday Travel

Christopher Gavigan, Co-Founder of The Honest Company
Author of Healthy Child, Healthy World 

Sometimes finding a bathroom to wash up in may be difficult when traveling. Honest Hand Sanitizer Spray is my only on-the-go option to keep my family’s hands clean and moisturized. 
Hydration is important – especially when traveling.  We also love it to be 100% raw, organic, and great tasting – the perfect solution! Harmless Harvest Coconut Water takes care of quality and taste while hydrating our bodies on long travel days!
Winter weather can be rough on the skin, so a tube of Healing Balm is a must! I put a thin layer on my kiddos’ bodies throughout the day and on their faces before bedtime to keep their skin nourished and protected.
Traveling during the holidays can be overwhelming both for parents and their children. One great way I like to keep some semblance of our daily routine in place is by bringing along their favorite bedtime story books. Oliver Jeffers is a family favorite as he’s written a great selection of books that tap into my children’s vast imagination. 

Honest Travel Wipes are a lifesaver – they are absolute necessities!  I use them to clean off my children’s hands and faces when they get messy from eating on the go as well as to freshen up myself after a long drive or flight.  Thankfully, they are strong, ultra pure, and biodegradable – which means they are the perfect everyday combination – no matter how long the trip!