Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What's new? Now in Spanish!

What's new? We have just added some great information from Ameda. They offer a large library of resources with printable files in English and Spanish.

Also we still have a few openings for the Infant Massage: The Nurturing Touch Class. The classes run for 4 sessions, please call the Pump Station store or better yet, drop-in and see us for more details.
  • Starting Jan 11th in Santa Monica
  • Starting Feb 14th in Hollywood
Also more products are available online. The favorite blankie of many, the Angel Dear Lovies have been added. We have Dalmatians, Blue Elephants, Giraffes, Pink Giraffes, Frogs and Owls too.

Does your little one have a favorite animal friend. The Zoo Pack's coordinating Zoo Lunchies are online now also. Take a snack along in cute Bee, Dog, Owl, Monkey, Zebra or Frog lunchie lunch box.

Wait, I forgot one... Ahh yes for those of you traveling through NYC this past weekend a little Penguin packed with juice and animal crackers would have been perfect!

We're proud to offer Dandelion's Bamboo Zoo Animals, Puppets, Corn Start Teethers, and the Limited Edition Winter Snowman Collection.

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LASTLY, North American Bear's Flatso are waiting to be brought into your jungle. Look for them in out Baby Sleep >Blankets, Pillows & Swaddles dept.

Happy Holidays! And don't leave home without your Hippo, or is that your Blue Flatopotamus.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Puj Tub named #1 Baby Product of 2010

The Puj Tub was ranked #1 in Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine's Top 10 baby products from 2010!

Puj Tub
The Puj Tub is a soft and flexible baby tub that you can use in any standard bathroom sink to quickly and safely bathe your baby. Easy to use and quick to put together, the Puj Tub is a great item for every mom on the move.

Click here to watch a quick video on how to the puj tub works, learn more and buy...

from Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine

Monday, December 20, 2010

Working and Pumping on Capitol Hill: Hello to Congress' "Boob Cube"

Working and pumping at the nation's Capitol
An article in The Seattle Times today highlights one of the perks of a Capitol Hill job gaining popularity and affection these days — the lactation suite, aka “the boob cube.”

New mothers who work in Congress used to lug their own pumps to work, hide in the bathrooms, and squat near an available electrical outlet (sound familiar?).

Not anymore. A trend is spreading in Washington that gives breastfeeding moms a state-of-the art pumping an nursing experience. Here’s what new motherhood looks like amid the votes and the bills in the nation’s capitol:

Today there are more than half a dozen lactation suites — used my members of Congress, aids, journalists and more.

The one highlighted by The Seattle Times “the boob cube,” is a 12-by-10 room in the basement with frosted glass doors, equipped with an electronic combination lock, two hospital grade pumps, a mini-refridgerator, hand sanitizer and sterile wipes, comfy chairs, multiline phones, a TV (normally with C-SPAN), and power outlets for laptops.

The first lactation suite was put in place in 2006, but Nancy Pelosi has been a driving force in adding more and making them more mom-baby friendly to support the demands of both motherhood and career.

Employers across the country should make Congress their template for working mom accommodations, no? Can you imagine a similar set up at your office, or did you have one like this?

Image: flickr/will palmer

Monday, December 13, 2010

Fussy Baby & Swaddling Tips from Corky and Wendy

We've found swaddling your little ones helps get them to sleep. A swaddled baby will feel warm, comfortable and secure quickly, especially newborns. Being wrapped will relax the startle reflex (throwing arms up and/or kicking) which wakes them up. It also prevents scratching.

All Don't miss our Mommie Matters Video, Fussy Baby. Watch and learn the tricks to calm a fussy baby. Life saving tips like bouncing on a ball, swaddling, white noise and more. What do you do when as soon as you strap your baby in the car seat they start to cry? Let Wendy and Corky help. Video is about 3 minutes long.

Bonus: We've just added Woobies online!

Double Bonus: Check Today's Deal! (It's the Dec. 13th) Do you see a Woombie?

Monday, December 6, 2010

New Stuff Online

Not only did the Pump Station hold some major sales this year for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and told you about Amex Small Business Saturday we are still adding more good stuff online. In the past few weeks we've added the highly requested EPIBI Soy Nursing Pads Starter Packs, Angel Dear Hoodies, the Light of the Moon nursing bras and one our favs, Rhino Toy's new O Ball Roller.

Some have been on sale some may go one sale and some you just can't wait for the sale. Keep checking out weekly specials and don't forget to check out the 24 Days of December Deals. We even have deals working on the weekends!

It may be the holidays but we keep working for you. The Hot Topics will be updated later this Week too, so check the new schedules. Coming up in the next few days are: