Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Why I spin…

Otherwise titled – Why I continue to drink the SoulCycle Kool-Aid
By Cheryl Petran, CEO of The Pump Station & Nurtury

Daniela will be 7 in April. In my new role as a parent, I’ve desperately tried to find ways to get in a quick powerful workout that leaves me wanting more. SoulCycle gives me that and more. I’d like to share with you some of the reasons why I think they are an amazing resource for new parents... oddly I came up with 11 …. My lucky number….

  1. The instructors, the staff – from the moment you walk in until the moment you leave you are surrounded by the positive energy of everyone that works there. They are pleasant, thoughtful, and welcoming to everyone. Thank them – they’ve earned that.
  2. It’s dark! No makeup. Hair in a pony-tail. Comfy workout clothes. Heaven.
  3. The music – I love music, I love being surrounded by music  - even the genres of music I don’t love – I love when I’m there. Try the different instructors – they hand pick their music for each ride - you’ll find some speak to you more than others. Some speak to you on some days,
  4. It’s dark! Did I mention that already? Just you, riding by yourself, but part of a pack. Part of a group of people all heading in one direction together, and it’s a positive one.
  5. The most productive 45 minutes of exercising you can find as a new parent. Let’s face it, finding “me-time” as a parent is tough. We take what we can get. This is by far the best 45 minute sweat you can get – with such positive energy.
  6. It gets easier, really.  First ride I thought I was going to die. By my 3rd ride I was disappointed when the ride was over. I wanted more.
  7. You set your bar. It’s not a competition. The instructors will tell you, listen to your body. They are not telling you what you have to do, they are just guiding you. Do what you are comfortable with – don’t do anything more than what you are comfortable with. It’s dark, no one can see what you are or aren’t doing.
  8. Me-time – 45 minutes of time for me and me alone. Yes, while I’m there I’m thinking about my daughter, my family, my life, my work – but I’m doing it while I’m doing something amazingly good for me!
  9. Endorphins…. According to Dr. Jill Campbell, The Pump Station & Nurtury's on-staff psychologist, exercise will boost the release of endorphins, a mood elevator that provides you with a sense of well-being. In addition, when you are doing something good for your body, you feel more in control and connected to your body. This helps you to be kinder and less critical of yourself. When you are doing something healthy for your body, you can’t help but feel better about it.
  10. “Aspire to Inspire” – Boldly printed on the wall of their SaMo studio – I read this and think, “I just have to do my best to inspire my daughter. I don’t have to be an inspiration all the time.”  I leave there feeling that if I aspire to inspire her I will probably be successful. I’m good with that. Parenting is hard; all I can do is my best.
  11. Community – one of the most powerful messages often shared during a ride – “if you need to slow up, that’s ok, get in the saddle – ride at your pace - everyone in this room  has your back” – It speaks to who we are at The Pump Station & Nurtury. We are your pack. We are here to help and support. We welcome you to come in and let us take care of you.
Give SoulCycle a try. You may love it, you may hate it. Either way, it’ll help get you out of the house – allow you to do something for you. As a new parent you’ve earned that. Enjoy!

Calling All Mommies! 
There's nothing more invigorating than getting ready for the Spring feeling healthy and inspired. And for a little bit of extra motivation, SoulCycle welcomes The Pump Station

The Pump Station & Nurtury™ moms will receive complimentary SoulCycle classes at SoulCycle Beverly Hills and SoulCycle Santa Monica through the end of April. Class and shoe rental will be complimentary. Just create an account at and call the studio to book your bike. How easy is that?

Offer valid for the below studios and times: (good through April 31, 2014)

SoulCycle Beverly Hills - Monday-Friday 9:30AM and 10:30AM
9465 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills , CA 90212

SoulCycle Santa Monica Tuesday-Thursday 9:30AM
120 Wilshire Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90401

**PLEASE NOTE: Classes start PROMPTLY. Attendees are suggested to arrive at least 15 minutes prior in order to sign-in, rent cycling shoes and get set up on their bikes.  For everyone's safety, anyone who arrives 5 minutes after class time will not be permitted to take class.   

See you on a bike!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Beyond the Dog: Preparing Your Dog for a New Baby

Linn Boyke, Dog Behavior Expert

Congratulations! You are expecting a baby and one of the most asked questions is….”How will my dog react to the baby?” The answer lays way Beyond the Dog, because the truth is that the preparation and responsibility is with the dog parents. I have encountered countless clients over the years that have been backed into a situation where the owner had not known they needed to prepare the dog for all the changes in the household and their long loved family pet ends up being given away or even worse in a shelter due to what is perceived as “aggressive” behavior. Behind so-called aggression is confusion, a dog’s natural dog state is to please their family and through preparation, consistency and boundaries – families can all live in perfect harmony together, including the family pet.
  1. You’re Pregnant….begin the training NOW! One of the most challenging situations I encounter is when a client waits to prepare their dog until the week before the baby is due. You, as parents, have had nine whole months to prepare for the big life change that is baby. Make sure to give your dog the same nine months of preparation; it will make all the difference.
  2. YOU are responsible. With over 15-years of working with dogs, including dogs that are perceived as dangerous, my one and most important consistent belief is that the human is responsible for the dog – just as they are responsible for their child.
  3. Energy counts. Dogs feed off of their human’s energy – if the human is extremely anxious, the dog will be too. This is a nervous and exciting time for everyone, it is more important than ever to create a home environment where your dog has a place to go where s/he feels safe and cozy.

I am thrilled to be joining The Pump Station & Nurtury™ and creating a program that can empower all new moms and dads with the tools needed to create a harmonious home for the entire family – including the dog. Looking forward to meeting you all in person.

NEW “Sizzling” Hot Topic Lecture at The Pump Station & Nurtury Locations
  • Tuesday, March 11th at 6:30pm in Santa Monica, Call 310-998-1981 to register
  •  Wednesday, March 12th at 6:30pm in Hollywood, Call 323-469-5300 to register
  • Wednesday, March 19th at 1pm in Westlake Village, Call 805-777-7179 to register

Linn Boyke began his work with dogs in 1997, after the tragic loss of his dog Ginger fueled his desire to help other dogs. He started with a dog walking business and later, began offering private lessons of training in obedience. Linn quickly found that traditional methods of training had little effect on his clients' dog behavioral issues. He wanted to provide the help they needed and began searching for answers to the concerns they had about their dogs. When he failed to find this information, Linn became very frustrated. It became clear to Linn that his emotions had a dramatic effect on the dogs, which caused their behaviors to escalate. He nearly gave up all together before finally hearing about a man people were calling the "Dog Whisperer", Cesar Millan. After spending only a few minutes with Cesar, Linn knew that he was in the right place to get the information that he sought. With Cesar's guidance and consistent invitation to be in the present moment, Cesar helped Linn to discover that he already had the answers. It clearly was not a dog issue, but a lack of communication. Click here to read more…