Monday, November 2, 2009

The Pump Station & Nurtury™ Is Having A Milk Drive! Sunday Nov 22nd 2-4pm

If you are wondering what to do with all the milk you have stored in your freezer, or if you are one of those moms who thinks of herself as a one person dairy wonder, relax, we can help. The Pump Station in cooperation with the San Jose Milk Bank is hosting an event that will give you the opportunity to donate your extra milk.

The San Jose Milk Bank collects mother’s milk donations from mothers who have extra milk and are willing to share. There are sick babies in neonatal intensive care units across the country whose delicate digestive tracts can only tolerate human milk. The milk bank will facilitate everything for you from telling you how to become a donor to picking up your milk. There is no charge to you as the donor. It is easy, and it is literally life saving.

We would love to have as many of our moms donate to this worthy cause. According to Dr. Nancy Wight, neonatologist at Sharp Memorial Medical Center in San Diego, has stated “Human milk is liquid gold for the pre- term infant”

If you are in the position to donate, you will be helping so many babies and their families. The mothers whose babies receive donor milk are so grateful that their hospital has made this food choice available, and they are indebted to you. The gift you have given is like no other!

Your first task is to call the San Jose Milk Bank at 1-866-998-4550. Let them know that you are part of the Pump Station’s Milk Drive. They will take you through the easy steps to donate. At that time they will send you a certificate thanking you for your donation. Once you’ve received this certificate you can bring it to the Santa Monica Pump Station on Sunday Nov 22nd and join Jessica for Milk & Cookies from 2-4pm! Jessica will be available to answer your questions regarding breastfeeding or milk production. While there you can redeem your certificate for Milk Money that can be used towards any transaction you make that week. Value 20% off!

If you have any questions about this process please contact Jessica Sacher RN MN IBCLC, at the Pump Station in Santa Monica.

The Pump Station
Santa Monica

San Jose Milk Bank at 1-866-998-4550

The Pump Station Santa Monica
2415 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90403
(310) 998-1981


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hi,,,, i like your post because breastfeeding is important to the babies so that i interested when i was read it

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