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How to Soothe a Crying Baby

How to Soothe a Crying Baby: Mellow Motions, Gripe Water, and Other Remedies
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Soothing sounds:
Just as loud noises like thunder or a popping balloon can make your baby cry, soothing sounds may be able to calm your infant and stop the crying. During the nine months your baby spent in the womb, she became very accustomed to the constant sound of your heartbeat. Because of this, many babies are comforted by monotonous background noise, especially sounds that mimic the sound of the womb.

You may find that your baby is comforted by listening to a white noise machine, a recording of a heartbeat, or even the whirring sounds of household appliances like dishwashers or washing machines. If there is a particular sound that seems to comfort your crying baby, consider making a recording of the sound to play when your baby is upset.

Gripe water
Gripe water is an age-old remedy for colic that was traditionally made at home using dill, bicarbonate, and alcohol. Now, most drug stores carry commercially available gripe waters that do not contain alcohol.

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Mellow motion
Many crying babies are comforted by smooth, rhythmic motion, such as being rocked in a rocking chair, hammock, or infant swing. It can also be useful to take your crying baby for a walk in a stroller or for a car ride.

Pediatrician Harvey Karp, MD, recommends using the 5 S's
The five S's include:

* swaddling
* side/stomach soothing (laying your baby on her side/stomach)
* "Shhhing" sounds
* swinging
* sucking (nursing your crying baby or give him a pacifier
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