Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Congratulations to Plum Organics!

Posted by Samantha on February 22, 2011
Plum launched a stage 1 line called JUST Fruits, the perfect choice for baby’s first solid food.  Don’t panic, it’s organic, and it is packaged in BPA-free pouches too.  Plum Organics JUST, BPA-Free pouches, offer a first-time-food of pure and natural, organic fruits for babies and children alike.

All JUST pouches are 100% fruit purees in single-ingredient varieties for flavor and ingredient introduction.  The innovative packaging, helps to naturally preserve the ingredients, which allows for gentle cooking to retain the vibrant color and flavor of each fruit.

These pouches come in a variety of delicious flavors our mama tester’s babies and children loved. JUST prunes, JUST mango’s, JUST peaches, JUST bananas, JUST peaches, and  JUST apples. “Each one smells as if you have the actual fruit in hand,” on mama raved.

But should a parent really panic if they are feeding their babies conventional fruits and veggies? 

Pesticides In Our Babies Food
Scientists have linked children’s exposure to pesticides to many different health effects – the health outcome can depend on the type of pesticide, the level of exposure, and – sometimes most critically – the timing of exposure in relation to a child’s development. Some of the strongest linkages have been found between pesticides and impacts on a child’s developing nervous system, including serious developmental delays. Studies have also found linkages with childhood cancers including leukemia, birth defects, low birth weight, and reproductive effects in adulthood from exposure during infancy or childhood, including low sperm count and infertility. If exposure levels are high, short term effects can include dizziness and nausea, rashes and immune system suppression.

Switching to organic not only protects your family from the health effects of pesticide residues, it protects farmer and farm workers from direct exposure to dangerous poisons, protects bees, fish, birds and other animals from chemical exposure, and protects the land, water and air from contamination. By buying organic, you are helping convince more farmers to make the switch to a safer and healthier kind of farming – and that protects their children too.

Plum JUST Fruit Wins MACT Excellence Award
Not only is this product a great first food and pesticide free, but they are additionally:
  • GMO-Free
  • Certified Organic
  • Free of all artificial ingredients
  • Nutrient rich
  • BPA-free packaging
  • PVC-free packaging
  • Phthalate free packaging
  • Free of added colors
  • Resealable and portable design that uses less fuel to transport than the traditional baby food glass jars.
Reviews From Real Mamas On Plum JUST

The first time we used Just baby, my daughter was 6 months.  She is now 17 months and we are still using the fruit pouches.  Most mornings we eat oatmeal and one of our favorite things to add is the Just Prunes made by Plum.  This is what she considers a sweet treat and it always puts a smile on her face, Mommy too!

It is nice at times to have the simplicity of adding Just  bananas or prunes to other foods or just having the pouches by themselves as a snack or before a meal.  This product has brought us much joy during eating times.  My daughter does seem to have a sweet tooth and if she considers this pure organic fruit puree as sweets, I am a happy Mama.  We love the small size with no waste.  It seems to be the perfect serving size.   Thumbs-up!


Plum Organics baby food is a must have in any babies diet! I know in our household it has been the go to food for the past couple weeks. We enjoy seeing our daughter eating products from the new JUST fruits line as its packed with vitamins & minerals and always organic. Its a simple way to get her to eat her fruits and vegetables without having to force her to eat them, she loves these food pouches and always replies with “yummy” after we ask her how it tasted. This company’s products are simply wonderful.

I enjoy feeding the JUST fruits to my daughter as they have kept out the added sugars, salt, and artificial flavors. As well as the packaging is BPA free materials that are resealable, recyclable, and reusable, for those who are not aware of what this chemical is, it acts as an estrogen mimicker in the body. Compared to leading brands that have all of these and more. It gives me a sense of comfort knowing good foods are going into her body.

To make the experience more exciting, the company partnered with Boon to make a dispensing spoon that is free of phthalates, BPA, PVC, and attaches to the Plum pouches. Just when I thought pouch feeding was easy, things just got even simpler. The spoon is great for one handed feeding, and also easy enough for my 20 month old to try and use herself for self feeding. The spoon is 100% dishwasher safe which is perfect for our family.  JUST apple is my baby’s favorite!

The JUST fruit pouches are at a great price for the quality of food your feeding your growing child. Organic and packed with vitamin rich ingredients, what more could one ask for?  For babies first solid food this is an awesome buy.  And parents can enjoy tasting these too, they smell great and taste even better!

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