Friday, March 4, 2011

Hi! My name is Zoey Alexandra

Hi! My name is Zoey Alexandra. I'm eight months old and thanks to the awesome lactation consultants at The Pump Station I was exclusively breastfed for the first six months of my life!

My favorite things to do are: crawling, putting things in my mouth, pulling the dog's tail and going for walks with mommy and daddy in my Ergo carrier.

I also enjoy jazz, reading Dr.Seuss and peek-a-boo.


Ok, let's face it, we all think we have the cutest (and most precious) baby on the block - well at the Pump Station & Nurtury we believe you!You do have the Cutest and most Precious baby!

With that said, we invite you to send us your own personal Baby Bio! Send us a great picture of your baby or a friends and then include a little information about him or her. Does your baby have a nickname, favorite food, favorite vacation spot, or even a favorite sports team? Baby Bios should be under 220 characters or 60 words. Text will be edited and photos will be cropped to fit in the allotted space.

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