Friday, April 1, 2011

Yogi Beans: Free Demo

Come stretch and bond with your child!

The Pump Station Santa Monica
 Thursday April 7, 2011
   9am - 9:45am (6wks - crawling)

The Pump Station Santa Hollywood
 Friday April 8, 2011
   10am - 10:45am (12 - 24 months)
   11am - 11:45am (6wks - crawling)

Me & My Parents for Infants (six weeks - crawling)
A combination of gentle baby asanas and mom-centered Vinyasa sequences, this post-natal yoga class helps you reclaim your pre-pregnancy physique while providing more time to build close bonds with your new child. The class focuses on the child's sensory stimulation with the use of calming baby massages and songs. 45 minutes.

Me & My Parent for Toddlers (12 - 24 months)
For parents who seek a unique and enjoyable way to bond with their child, this class incorporates games and poses that actively engage both parent and child. Animated breathing exercises, partner poses, and other interactive activities help to develop your toddler's physical coordination and verbal communication skills. No previous yoga experience for adults required. 45 minutes.

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