Monday, June 20, 2011

Honor a Special Dad in Your Life

Last month we asked moms to share stories about how they were supported to breastfeed...and the response has been incredible! Almost 500 stories have been submitted so far, documenting just how valuable the support of employers, health and child care providers, peer counselors, and of course, dads, truly is. One mom wrote: "I can't imagine not having my husband's support or constant applause in this journey," highlighting the father's important role as a breastfeeding cheerleader for his family.

This Father's Day, USBC would like to celebrate the amazing contributions of the millions of supportive dads-past, present, and future! Give the gift of a donation to USBC and we'll provide a tribute donation certificate made just for dads. To designate your gift in honor of a dad in your life, simply include his name in the "in honor of" section of the online donation form. We'll e-mail you a greeting card insert that you can print instantly or e-mail to acknowledge your gift. Choose from our designs or insert your own photo for a truly personal touch.
You can also honor a dad in your life by sharing the story of how he supported you (or another mother) to breastfeed. We want to hear from YOU to add to our bank of real-life stories documenting the many ways that "everyone can help make breastfeeding easier."

This week we had a chance to use your stories to respond to Representative Virginia Foxx's misguided attempt to cut breastfeeding peer counseling in the WIC program. We sent her dozens of your stories of how the support of peer counselors was critical for you to reach your personal breastfeeding goals.

A mom in North Carolina told us about the advice she received at her local mother-to-mother support group when she started to doubt herself: "The other moms told me about WIC and how they help breastfeeding moms with pumps and support and so I applied, we qualified and there is when it happened. I realized that breastfeeding had helped give me the confidence I needed to raise this baby...a year later I still attend this mommy group not as a parent but as a WIC breastfeeding peer counselor." Another mom told us: "Peer support is so special and I will always be grateful."
Share your stories of what made all the difference for you. Your stories are making a difference for others!

Many thanks for your continued support!

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