Friday, July 29, 2011

Back Pillows, Bosom Babies and Pedipeds for a Steal!

Continuing to do the best for our Pump Station family, we noticed many Luna Lullaby's Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow were purchased with our Pump Station Back Pillows. No, not the Luna! This one didn't get imprisoned in the dungeons of Malfoy Manor only to be rescued by Dobbie. Poor Dobbie!

No, we are talking about Luna Lullaby and their almost magical Bosom Baby Pillows. They create the perfect position to raise your baby up to breast level, making the latch-on process easier. Even better, it's great for your head and neck while reading or watching TV.

And they are recommended by Pump Station's Jessica Sacher!

per Jessica "The Bosom Baby pillow...
  • is universally comfortable for a variety of body types
  • works well for twins as well.
  • has a washable cover.
  • allows for comfortable positioning of the baby in a variety of holds; eg. cross cradle, football
  • comes in pleasing colors/patterns that coordinate with most nursery decors.

At The Pump Station, we helped design our Back Pillows to meet the needs of our Moms, to give full support to the lower back and shoulders by supporting the lumbar spine.

Why are we telling you all this? Sorry neither the baby or back pillow will save you from Dementors, but they will save you money.

Buy the Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow with one of our Pump Station Back Pillows and get both for only $100!

Bosom Baby

Back Pillow

AND Enjoy Free Shipping (since your order will be over $50).

Now after getting that deal, might as well stock on up a few more items, like Select Pedipeds that are marked down!! TODAY show's style editor Bobbie Thomas loves Pedipeds, from Bobbie's Buzz:

"...the line was originally developed by a mom in search of stylish, supportive shoes for her daughter. Today, the brand promotes healthy foot development and has more than 36 different styles and colors to choose from that can go from wearing right into the washer, making kid cleanup just a little easier. "


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Bobbie's Buzz March 2011

Not all styles of Pedipeds are machine washable, but all are awesome!

Bosom Baby+Back Pillow special good in all 3 stores and online while supplies last. No rain checks or special orders. Quantities limited. Promotion for a limited time only.

Enjoy free ground shipping! Offer applies to all orders totaling $50 or more for a limited time only. for more details...


jennifer said...

I was eagerly waiting for the pillows for my kids from this store,I'm not going to loose it anymore.