Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lamaze Toys Available Online

Lamaze® Play and Grow Toys are pure awesomeness with brightly colored soft bodies and tons of sounds and textures. We know our Pump Station family wants toys that keep your little ones healthy, happy, and safe. Lamaze Toys are designed in conjunction with child development experts, to help with visual, auditory and motor skills development.

Not only do we love the toys because they are safe and great learning toys, but they're just plain cool and fun. The animals include the Lamaze link for strollers, car seats or high chairs. No more searching under the table, on the side walk, under the car seat because their best friend decided to be a flight test pilot Below are just some of the Lamaze Toys we carry. There are even more available in our Pump Station and Nurtury™ Stores (Santa Monica, Hollywood and Westlake)

Lulu in a Tutu

Stretch the Giraffe

Rusty the Robot

Mortimer the Moose

Freddie the Firefly

Captain Calamari

Peak-a-Boo Forest

Captain's Treasure Hunt