Monday, November 27, 2017

Together We Box! My new Kool-Aid, Box Union.

By Cheryl Petran, CEO of The Pump Station & Nurtury®

Despite the craziness of the past weekend, I was fortunate enough to squeeze in 3 workouts at BoxUnion with instructors Sydney Rose, Deja and Kyle. What can I say, each special, each inspirational, each helped me find my “Intention.” On Sunday, however, Kyle helped me connect the dots, guiding me on how to try and approach my week which would be filled with work, Jury Duty and finally Inventory in both stores.

As we boxed he reminded us “No Stress. Nothing but gratitude. Find the Gratitude in everything you do,  not just because its Thanksgiving but because it’s going to motivate you, help you, drive out. It’s all about finding what’s special around you.” Kyle was spot on.

For 10 years while I’ve been part of The Pump Station & Nurtury®, I have found my village with the women I’ve met here. With that said, I’ve found it’s so important to have time where I get to be with me, time where I get to push thru it all. I encourage every new parent to find this space. Find your parenting village and then make sure to find your personal village, a place where you get to focus on you! BoxUnion is my new village… It’s my new happy place. Here are some of the reasons why…
  •  #Best45MinuteSweatInLA (my new favorite hashtag) Time for new parents is a commodity. This is by far the best 45-minute workout you can get! They provide a towel. I suggest you bring a 2nd - you’ll need it.
  • The BoxUnion Team – from the moment you walk in until the moment you leave you are surrounded by the positive energy of everyone that works there. They are pleasant, thoughtful, and welcoming to all. Make sure to thank them when you leave – they’ve earned that!
  • #SupportLocal –The founder of BoxUnion is a local mom who’s looking to create a welcoming space where people can support each other in reaching their fitness goals.
  • It’s dark! No makeup. Hair in pony-tail. Dress comfy and prepare to sweat. No one cares!  Heaven! Through the corner of your eyes, you feel the energy of the others around you. We Box Together! We Sweat Together!
  • The music - I love music. I love being surrounded by music. Even the genres of music I don’t love, I love when I’m there. Try the different instructors. They hand pick their music for 12 rounds of “Butt Kicking Wow!”
  • It’s dark! Did I mention that already? Just you, but no, you’re part of a pack. Jab-Uppercut-Hook-Jab, over and over. The music dulls. You hear your village all hitting the bags as one. They’ve got your back. You’ve got theirs. You are part of the community, a group of people all heading in one direction together, and it’s a positive one.
  •  It gets easier, really. Well, the boxing does – 1-6-3-2. The core exercises are brutal but they will help get you your pre-baby belly back. Wish this existed 10 years ago!
  • You set your bar. It’s not a competition. The instructors will tell you, listen to your body. They are not telling you what you have to do, they are just guiding you. Do what you are comfortable with. Don’t do anything more.
  • Me-time – 45 minutes of time for me and me alone. Yes, while I’m there I’m thinking about my daughter, my family, my life, my work but I’m doing it while I’m doing something amazingly good for me!
  • Endorphins - According to Dr. Jill Campbell, Curriculum Director for our Mommy & Me Program, exercise will boost the release of endorphins, a mood elevator that provides you with a sense of well-being. In addition, when you are doing something good for your body, you feel more in control and connected to your body. This helps you to be kinder and less critical of yourself. When you are doing something healthy for your body, you can’t help but feel better about it.
  • Set Your Intentions - Every day, we need to reset ourselves to what we want, what we need, what will make us happy. Gratitude for being here. Try to be mindful of every moment we live. It’s hard.
  • Community – We work so hard to build this at The Pump Station & Nurtury®. It’s embraced in this safe space at BoxUnion. Move at your own pace. Everyone in this room has your back. They are here to help and support. When you are feeling like you’re exhausted, tired, and spent, look to those around you to carry you…support you…empower you…1-6-3-2…

BoxUnion™ would love to offer The Pump Station & Nurtury® community 
a chance to try one of their classes. BoxUnion™ is a modern fitness experience that builds a fit body and a strong mind. It is designed for all levels with a total body workout that incorporates boxing drills with cardio and weights to the beat of the music! To sign up for one of their offered time slots this week, CLICK HERE! Space is limited so RSVP to grab your bag!