Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Corky & Wendy Recommend

Every day we have new Mom's and Dad's enter our shop asking us what they need before they bring Baby home from the hospital. They are inundated with literature and marketing materials but don't know how to sift through everything and make the right choices. Well, we decided to help simplify matters. As you know we carry an extensive assortment of baby care products, but we'll be the first to tell you that you don’t need to buy everything at once! So, we've come up with a list of Corky & Wendy's Top 10 recommended Baby Care Products. These are items we think every Mom & Dad should have. We hope this helps to make you feel more secure in your buying decisions as they pertain to your new Baby!

  1. Pump Station & Nurtury™ Soft Bottom Cloths
  2. Pump Station & Nurtury™ Burp Cloths
  3. Harvey Karp's “Happiest Baby on the Block”
  4. Thermal or Muslin Swaddle Blanket
  5. Baby Pouch Sling
  6. Any book by Dr. William Sears
  7. Exercise Ball
  8. Kissy Kissy Onesies & Convertible Gowns
  9. Baby Tracker
  10. Skip Hop Diaper Bag

We also highly encourage you to attend our Hot Topic Lecture Series. As a new parent, you need to become knowledgeable about everything from diaper rash & first aid to brain development and environmental pollution. Our Hot Topics Lecture Series can help you to learn what you need and still give you plenty of time to spend with your little one – we encourage you to bring them with you to class!

You might also want to check out our Baby Care Class at UCLA Santa Monica, It is offered once a month.

Classes fill fast so make sure you sign up early!