Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Help Find a Cure for Breast Cancer!

Hi everyone!

This past Spring we were informed of a wonderful organization called The Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation. In May we were a sponsor of the Palisades Love Walk which raised over $46,000 for Breast Cancer Research. This Fall they will be one of our primary benefactors when we sponsor our Sizzling Hot Topics Parenting Lecture Series at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica. (read more….) .

Here are many of the reasons we love this Foundation and encourage others to support them:

  • The foundation is dedicated to being in the forefront of breast cancer research, education and advocacy in order to eradicate breast cancer once and for all

  • They are different than other organizations because they realize that where cancer starts is in the milk ducts, and they are focusing all of their resources and research into having a better understanding of the breast through intraductal research

  • They are trying to identify the barriers to the research needed to end breast cancer, and creating new solutions that are fast, flexible and project based

  • They are committed to using their website to provide accurate and timely breast cancer and women’s health information
And most importantly, they have been instrumental in launching a new campaign to eradicate breast cancer once and for all! Tomorrow, October 1st on The Today Show, Dr. Susan Love will be announcing their partnership with Avon to launch The Love/Avon Army of Women – a revolutionary new opportunity for all women to partner with research scientists to move us beyond a cure!

Their message:
Breast cancer has been around for decades, but it does not have to be our future. We can be the generation that eliminates breast cancer by identifying what causes this disease and stopping it before it starts. This is your chance to be part of the research that will end breast cancer. Sign up for your sister, mother, daughter, granddaughter, best friend, and the woman you met last week.

Help us eradicate breast cancer once and for all.
Join the Army of Women today.

Sneak Preview: The Love/Avon Army of Women!

The Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, in partnership with the Avon Foundation is incredibly proud to be kicking off this year' s Breast Cancer Awareness Month with the launch of a movement that will change the face of breast cancer research forever: The Love/Avon Army of Women!

Our goal is to recruit one million healthy women of all ages and ethnicities, including breast cancer survivors and women who are at high risk for developing breast cancer, to take part in the breast cancer research that will move us beyond a cure — and help us eradicate breast cancer once and for all.

The official Love/Avon Army of Women website is up at http://www.armyofwomen.org/ and in anticipation of our Oct 1 launch, we would love your help to test it and let us know what you think! Please visit the website, test it out and sign up to be part of the Army of Women. Send us your comments or any glitches you might encounter to webmaster@armyofwomen.org.

The official launch of the Love/Avon Army of Women will be on October 1, 2008, on The Today Show! If you live in New York, we need you to join us along with hundreds of other breast cancer “crusaders” on the plaza of the Today Show in midtown Manhattan. Dr. Susan Love will be a guest on the Today Show that morning, and we want to “pack the plaza” with supporters! You will receive a Love/Avon Army of Women t-shirt and pendant to wear, and a special section of the plaza will be set aside for our supporters. Read more...


Bobby Blackwell said...

The number are increasing annually. We hope to find a cure for breast cancer soon, while we are at the process, let us help in spreading awareness. Thank you for being an agent. :)