Wednesday, August 18, 2010

TaTa Tuesday Review

For those of you who missed the Live Chat don't worry, the chat log is still available at the Bump. Here is a sampling of a few questions . Also see the links to articles she referenced below.

The Pump Station isn't just about to selling products, but Wendy and Corky want the stores and to be a resource for information and events like yesterday's Live Chat, the upcoming Free Baby Skin Care Class, New Mothers Breastfeeding Support Groups. And who doesn't like our Weekly Specials?

Q: How much should a 3 month be taking per feeding?

A: ...Babies require different amounts depending on many factors. In general, if you are away from the baby for 10 hours, four, 4-ounce bottles is what many moms report as necessary.

Q:My hair is all falling out.

A: is common/normal for women to experience hair loss around 4 months pp. Apparently, pregnant women don't loose much hair while pregnant and then what would normally have fallen out over the 9 months does so pp.

Q: Lately she has been very fussy ...clamp down on the nipple and twist her head. She'll also knead the breast with her hand. At the same time, she's kicking ... and squirming and squealing...

A: ...take her off for a minute and try again. ...Many of our moms have found that after 4 months, they need to nurse on both breasts at each feeding. ...I also think your baby may be teething. A favorite in Santa Monica is Hyland's teething tablets. You can pop one under the baby's tongue just prior to feeding and the biting may be reduced. Good luck and know that with so many things in breastfeeding, this too shall pass.

TaTa Tuesday Chat Log

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