Thursday, September 9, 2010

Julie Wright's Safety Tips

September is Baby Safety Month!

The Pump Station is proud and happy to provide tips from Julie Wright, MFT. Many people know Julie from her extremely popular Mommy and Me groups here at the Pump Station. Today we will share a couple of, often over-looked, but important tips from her 10 years of experience in the field of infant and child development.

1) Once your baby can roll, always change diapers on the floor. Many people may not realize the danger in using changing tables once a baby is able to roll. Little ones have been known to break their femurs in a split second, much to Mom's surprise. Babies of very conscientious Moms have had to experience this awful event. Please forward on this information and help prevent future accidents.

2) Pay attention to the room temperature while your little one sleeps. Many parents keep the thermostat in the 70s at night, especially when the night is cool. The recommended temperature for SIDS prevention is 65 - 68 degrees. One of the newer recommendations also says to keep air gently circulating at the level of the mattress surface. Some parents use an air purifier or a gentle fan to accomplish this.

If you're local check the look call the nearest Pump Station to attend one of Julie Wright's Mommy and Me Classes.

For more info visit Julie's website at

Santa Monica HollywoodWestlake
2415 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA
(310) 998.1981

1248 Vine St.
Hollywood, CA
(323) 469.5300

Village Glen Plaza
2879 Agoura Rd.
Westlake Village, CA
(805) 777.7179


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