Monday, November 1, 2010

Me and My Parent Yoga Classes

About Us:  Yogi Beans is a yoga-for-kids’ experience designed to help children develop better body awareness, coordination, flexibility and enhance self-confidence. Yoga is a wonderful way to introduce a physical activity that is both noncompetitive and nonjudgmental.
Through the physical movements, children are introduced to yoga's true meaning: union, expression and honor for oneself.  In addition to the physical poses, we explore the spirit of yoga where the significance of positive thinking and the maintenance of a healthy positive self-image are emphasized.  Sprinkled with music, picture books and other age-appropriate props, children are introduced to the world of yoga and inspired to awaken their inner yogi and yogini!

Me and My Parent Yoga Classes
Yogi Beans

All registration info can be found on our website (class days, times and ages for all 3 Pump Stations)

The Pump Station Santa Monica
Thursday 9am (6wks – crawling)
Thursday 10am (12-24mths)

The Pump Station Hollywood
Friday 10am (12-2mths)
Friday 11am (6wks – crawling)

The Pump Station Westlake
Tuesday 11am (12-24mths)
Thursday 9:30am (6wks – crawling)  
We also do private groups and birthday parties!

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