Friday, December 30, 2011

Va Va Voom! Get your Vulli Sophie the Giraffe and Friends

Sophie the Giraffe is the most awesome baby teether. However, for those not into giraffes, we carry many of Sophie's friends made by Vulli. Who can't resist chewing on a good Gnon, Chan or Pie. Yes, we had only heard of "Pie" before too. Eh' Vulli is based in Rumilly in the Haute-Savoie region of France. Where's that? According to The Rumilly Travel Guide, about 266 miles from Paris.

We digress... je suis désolée, mon amie.

Did you know Vulli also offers vanilla teethers for your little ones? Sorry currently we don't carry Café au lait flavored teethers for Mom or Dad. We'll let you know if Vulli does start to offer an adult red wine teether. Please chew responsibly.

They're cool, they're imported, and they are French! We're proud to make these Vulli products available to our Pump Station family. Come see us in Santa Monica, Hollywood or Westlake this weekend!

If you want to shop from home, they are available online too. Just click the pictures.

Sophie the Giraffe

SO'PURE Natural Teether

SO'PURE Natural Soother

Sophie Vanilla Teether

Pie Teether

Gnon Teether

Chan Teether

Vanilla Teether 2 Pack

Sophie Bath Toy

We apologize if our French is incorrect. Please, feel free to submit corrections below.