Monday, August 25, 2014

Rug Bug Music: In Tune With The Earth

We are happy to announce the start of our new Music Classes with Paulie Z!
Come try out this FREE Demo class
on September 22nd at our Santa Monica Store

Now taking sign-ups for the 8-week session starting September 29th. Parents receive a FREE Rug Bug Music CD when they sign up for the session.

For babies 0-12 months old

Class Description:
This environmentally-minded music program will accommodate even the youngest music-fan-in-training. Our classes include original compositions and all-time faves selected to inform and entertain everyone (you too, Moms, Dads, and caregivers!) With help from our signature Ballibrary (a carefully compiled assortment of spheres) and inspiring instruments recycled from common household objects, simultaneous to a swinging good time, students will be bolstering size, shape and tactile discrimination, gross motor skills, rhythm and reflex abilities and auditory development. There is little time to languish when youre a growing Rug Bug: dynamic ditties and compelling curios reinforce our eco-conscious outlook; without giving too much away, we suggest you come prepared to rock your socks off! And, while our musical medleys may alternate effortlessly between gentle and jamming, one things for sure: there is never a dull moment in a Rug Bug Music experience.

*For our youngest participants: With song sharing to accompany your day-to-day play, we'll equip you with music for every moment. Together with your family well provide the know-how to make your own great green toys, and suggest sweet, soothing ways to bond over books, blankets, baby sign language and massage. Last but not least, little hearts begin to learn how they can change the world by giving back.

Instructor Biography: 
As a professional musician and teacher, Paulie Z (Paul Zablidowsky) has a unique ability to entertain and educate simultaneously. Whether he's in a classroom or on the big stage, Paulie's number one goal is to keep you engaged and ensure that you have an unforgettable musical experience. For 16 years now, he has been teaching in private and public schools and has been touring and recording his own rock and children's music. Being a rock musician who works with children enables Paulie to connect not only to the kids, but to the adults and caregivers as well. To date he has designed and created original music programs and curriculum for kids ages 0-10 years old worldwide, released multiple rock and children's CDs, toured the country, starred in his own TV series, had a podcast on iTunes and even founded his own non-profit organization for kids!

Paulie's mission is to seamlessly combine his two passions in life: music and education.

Click here for more info or call 310-998-1981 to RSVP/Register.