Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Combating Loneliness One Glass of Wine at a Time

Guest blogger: Laura Sexton

I thought having a baby would keep me from feeling lonely. I would have someone to go to the park with and have dinner with and just chat with. Then I had a baby. I was stuck in the house all day long. I was cleaning, nursing, changing diapers, doing laundry, singing songs, doing tummy time, never sleeping, fighting a baby who won’t sleep, trying to feed myself… the list goes on and on. Nowhere on that list was hanging out with my friends, going to the park, having a dinner out, chatting.

I was having trouble feeding my baby girl and did some online research. A group of women meet at a Breastfeeding Support Group on Tuesdays at The Pump Station & Nurtury® in Hollywood. I had to go.

The first week I was nervous. I had brought a bottle of breast milk with me in case I had to feed my little girl. I didn’t feel comfortable breastfeeding her yet, much less in public. I wasn’t sure if I’d speak up or just sit and learn. One of the first things the leader of the group asked was whether or not we had all gone out together to do something. Maybe Mommy Movies at The Grove or a cup of coffee. No one had.

The following week, a little braver, I left the bottle at home but still quietly prayed my daughter would sleep through class so I wouldn’t have to breastfeed her. Again we were asked if we had gone out. Two women raised their hands.

All of us made our way to the group because we needed support from other breastfeeding moms. We came because we had questions about breastfeeding. We kept coming back to the class because we enjoyed learning more each time and we were starting to see familiar faces that made us feel less alone in the journey. There was that person you knew you’d see and you could ask them about their life already knowing a few details and they would do the same for you. It started to feel like friendship.

As the weeks went by and the friendships developed a couple moms decided to go to coffee after group. As they walked up Vine and came to Sunset a thought occurred, “why not wine?” They were already up near restaurants and the group had just discussed the safety of drinking alcohol while breastfeeding. So they had a glass of wine.

They came to the next group and nonchalantly mentioned wine to a couple moms. After class, away we went; six women pushing strollers up Vine to Sunset and over to Ivar where there is a cute little place called Stella Barra. Now we go there on Tuesdays after group, just in time for happy hour. We sit in a corner where there are some leather couches and chairs. No one bothers us.

Once too shy to breastfeed in the support group I am now empowered by this group of women to feed as I eat (or drink). There is no fear in a group of momma bears. Only once were we approached. An Australian fellow ventured over to us to say that he had been texting his wife about this amazing group of women and he wished she had some friends like that when their baby was smaller. We invited her to join us as we had decided we would all certainly be there the next Tuesday. Even the moms who have aged out of the 0-4 month group come back weekly to partake in a glass of wine or two.

We all need friends. I had no idea how much I needed other Mommies in my life! Here we bond, grow, and learn from each other with a lovely glass of wine in our hands and a baby on the breast.

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