Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Looking for Clinicians to Teach Music Classes

Exciting news! The Pump Station & Nurtury will be partnering with Baby in Tune to bring workshops that help caregivers bond with their babies through music. Vered (the creator of Baby in Tune) will be in LA late April and will be training clinicians to lead these groups. The qualifications are below. Please let us know if you or someone you know would be appropriate for this position. 

About the workshops:
Baby in Tune classes are a place for parents to connect with their baby through music, gain tools to joyfully interact with them, and develop a deeper understanding of their babies' emotional development. These unique classes implement concepts from psychology and methods from music therapy to focus on each developmental stage and its needs. Caregivers learn how to to use music to establish routine, soothe, communicate, play with their baby, and develop communication and language. The classes also include an element of group therapy for the caregiver through discussion and song and are a place for the caregiver to become more in touch with their own experiences, emotions, and inner music. 
Red Tricycle says: “After each class, you are left with a greater appreciation of the power of music, armed with a few more tricks on how to be an awesome parent.” 
For more info and to listen to the music go to www.babyintune.com.

Qualifications for group leader include:
1. Can play an instrument - guitar, ukulele, keyboard
2. Music Therapist or Psychotherapist
3. Experience leading groups
4. Experience providing therapy to caregivers/babies

If interested please email info@pumpstation.com and include your Resume.