Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Certified Nursing Center

Medela Congratulates The Pump Station & Nurtury - The Newest Certified Nursing Center!
from the Medela Website

Medela is proud to award our newest Certified Nursing Center as part of our new Partner Program. The Partner Program recognizes accounts who continued to grow their business with the support of the Medela brand.

What is a Certified Nursing Center? A Certified Nursing Center is not just about nursing. These stores offer a full product assortment that allows moms a “one stop shop” for all of her breastfeeding, nursing, feeding, and educational needs. Certified Nursing Centers offer a dedicated staff with superior customer service, Certified Product Specialists and Bra Fitters, Breastfeeding Specialist referrals from their store or Breastfeeding Specialists on staff, educational materials and classes, and so much more.

About The Pump Station
Wendy Haldeman MN, RN, IBCLC
Corky Harvey MS, RN, IBCLC

Parents often ask us how The Pump Station started. The story begins almost 30 years ago when our now grown children were babies. We met as fellow Lamaze teachers who were working as RNs with a specialization in maternal/newborn health. As young mothers learning to be mothers ourselves, we saw a need for parent education beyond the birth process. We developed a Baby Care class which provided parents with the 'baby bootcamp' they needed to care for their newborns.

A year later, we expanded and began to rent breast pumps out of our homes and the Pump Station was born. The number of women wanting pumps surprised us, but more importantly, we realized that these new and expectant mothers had a tremendous need for expert lactation support and information. Even though we had extensive experience in many areas dealing with pregnancy, birth, newborns and pediatrics, we recognized that we needed more education to be able to better support new parents. We applied to UCLA and were accepted into one of the country's first clinical lactation consulting programs. Upon completion of this programs we became certified Lactation Consultants and were now able to offer the expert advice so many women needed to successfully breastfeed their infants.

Happy moms soon spread the word and we quickly outgrew our home offices and opened our first little breastfeeding center-the first new parent resource center of its kind. Many of our clients wanted products to help them with breastfeeding and parenting, so we responded by carrying nursing bras and a selection of high quality baby care items. We outgrew that first space and moved to our current location in Santa Monica twelve years ago, and in July 2005 opened our second location in Hollywood.

Our clients often tell us how wonderful it is to find most of the resources for expectant and new parents integrated in one convenient location. Parents and babies come through our doors every day to access the huge selection of products we now carry, and to attend classes that range from prenatal breastfeeding and baby care to baby signing and infant CPR. They also come for expert breastfeeding help by attending one of our breastfeeding support groups for new mothers, seeing one of our lactation consultants, or discussing breastfeeding issues with our trained staff.

Our goal remains the same today as when we opened a quarter of a century ago. We want The Pump Station to be a sanctuary for expectant parents, new parents, and their precious babies at this very challenging and rewarding time of life.

Our mission is to support and empower new mothers with quality information, outstanding products, and compassionate service in one place. We encourage successful breastfeeding and provide guidance to mothers as they learn to care for their babies. We value our relationship with our clients and believe that supporting all mothers is a good investment in each other, in our community and in the future of our children.