Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Diego’s First visit to Grammy’s

by Corky Harvey MS, RN, IBCLC, Co-Founder of The Pump Station & Nurtury™

Christmas was particularly special this year because my daughter Colleen, her husband Armin, and 5-month old Diego came home from Germany for the holidays. It was all just delicious! I got to love on that baby boy a bunch and now that he is gone I’ve got the memory of his yummy smell, his room-filling smile, and his adorable laugh tucked in my heart. A lovely added bonus for me was the opportunity to watch Colleen mother her baby. She and Diego are “in the dance”. While she was here Colleen attended a couple of the 4-8 month support groups facilitated by Wendy. Later, Wendy (who has known and loved Colleen most of her life) mentioned how obvious it is that Colleen has embraced mothering at gut level—it was a beautiful thing to see her trust her instincts. Both Wendy and I spend lots of time every week helping mothers overcome their fears, surrender to their new roles, follow their hearts and trust themselves. It is Oh so satisfying (and makes me tearful) to see my life’s work reflected in my own daughter. It has been difficult to be so very far away, unable to hold and touch my grandbaby and unable to help my own daughter/husband with their new parenting role. I’ve now been fully reassured that what I thought would happen--did happen. Colleen and Armin are wonderful parents and I can relax.