Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Some Tips for Working and Breastfeeding from Dr. Sears

Enjoy nighttime nursing
Breastfed babies who are away from their mothers during the day often nurse more frequently at night. After mother returns to work, some babies reverse their daily patterns by sleeping more and feeding less during the day and then clustering their feedings during the night.

This is actually a good thing, and mothers who succeed at combining breastfeeding and working recognize this and even welcome it. They bring their babies into their bed so that they can nurse at night without waking up completely, and they treasure this extra opportunity for closeness. (Working fathers like it, too.) In fact, many mothers report that they sleep better with their babies next to them, even if that means baby nurses through the night. Breastfeeding helps mothers unwind, relax, and sleep better, just as it helps babies feel calm and comforted. Also, a long feeding in bed in the early morning, just before it's time to get up, will help baby sleep, or at least be content, while you get ready for work.

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Take care of yourself.
Faced with the demands of a job and a baby, you may find you can accomplish little else beyond doing your job and taking care of your little one. This is a completely realistic expectation. The one thing you should not neglect is taking care of yourself. Fortunately, breastfeeding can help you do this

When you get home from work, head for the bedroom and nurse while you rest lying down. If you and baby can take a short nap, the whole family will have a more pleasant evening. Have a quick and nutritious snack, so that there's no pressure to start dinner right away, and enjoy being with your baby. If you have an older child, include her in this reunion.

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