Friday, July 30, 2010

Our Customer Service is Right on Target!

We pride ourselves in providing every Mom, Dad, Family Member or Friend with the best customer service and support available!

As one of our Moms said in our recent customer survey:
“The Pump Station™ is more of a community than anything
else and I feel firmly a part of that community!”

How would you like to be part of that Community?

We want to offer all of our Pump Station Families who spend more than $500 in any of our stores a 5% discount for all your purchases for the rest of the year!

Hey New Parents, Welcome to our Community!

Sign up for:

•Introduction to Breastfeeding
•Baby Care
•Happiest Baby on the Block Baby Care Class
and also receive a 5% discount for all your purchases for the rest of the year!

Offer valid in stores through December 31st, 2010. Pumps, rentals, consultations and classes do not apply. Discount not valid on any sale merchandise.
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Here is more of what our moms said about us:
“I love visiting your store because there is a comfortable and clean place to feed and change my baby.”

“The education and the store have been an amazing resource for our new family. Without it, I doubt I would still be successfully breastfeeding my five month old.”

“I love your selection. I know it’s carefully selected and I don’t have to worry if it is a quality product or not. I also like the staff and think everyone is super helpful!”

“Excellent products, services & classes! Thank you for your brilliant support!”

“I think your lactation educators are AMAZING! i did a consultation with Corky early on, and then have called numerous times to get help from the educators and they are phenomenal! truly truly wonderful!”

“Not really covered in this survey was lactation consultation with Wendy Haldeman, which was a lifesaving experience, 10 stars, perfect, a steal, wish I'd seen her before leaving the hospital.”

“I love the Pump Station - it's a unique, special, and extremely beneficial place that drastically helped me in the early months of motherhood.”

“Love the HOLLYWOOD location! The staff is great!”

“I got so much out of the breast feeding support groups. When my daughter was five days old we brought her to the Pump Station and Valerie taught us how to wear the baby pouch (for me) and the ergo (for my husband). As a result, I've never used a stroller -- ever. It was a great gift! i love spending money at the Pump Station because I value the service you provide so i like thinking my dollars are supporting the spread of the philosophy; I love all the people at the Santa Monica location...Carol is fantastic at recommending classes and accommodating requests. Julie Wright's Mommy & Me class changed my life. I also loved Barb's massage class. Cynthia Epps food class was exceptional.”

“I was so lonely and isolated after my baby was born. It was so great to have a place I could go to not feel so alone. That ment the world to me. I do not mind paying a little more because there is so much free support that comes with every thing you buy at Pump Station.”

“When I was pregnant, I took classes at another center. Once I discovered the Pump Station, I wished I had availed myself of its resources earlier!”

“Love Erin and Emily at Westlake!! So nice and helpful always. It would be nice if the clothing section had some more variety with more affordable prices. Also, maybe some cooking demonstrations with some equipment like the babyfood maker.”

“When I went to the store, I am amazed that a lot of the products that I had bought online because of high reviews are available in the store. It seems like whoever is in charge of the inventory makes sure that the store stock the most popular baby items.”

“I love the Pump Station because you carry items for nursing moms that can't be bought anywhere else - like pump parts and nursing wraps. The quality of the products you carry surpasses other stores like Target and Babies R Us.”

“The Pump Station is more of a community than anything else and I feel firmly a part of that community.”

“I always feel better after having visited!!”

“Emily & her staff are always super helpful & always seem genuinely glad to see us.”

“The worker, sorry I forgot her name, was so helpful from the moment we walked in. She made me feel very comfortable. I am 36 & 1/2 weeks pregnant with my first baby and even though I don't know much at all about certain supplies I need, she never made me feel, for lack of better words, dumb. I will definitely be back and tell my friends.”

“Excellent products, service and classes! Thank you for your brilliant support!”

“The ladies in the clothing store were great and helpful in helping me find a good fitting nursing bra.”

“clean, comfy, quality products, friendly personnel”

“Breastfeeding classes gave me confidence and put me at ease. I took Corky's class and she is amazing”

“As a first time mom, I always know I can rely on the Pump Station to have the Best answers to all my questions. :)”

“Love what you do - thanks for all the helpful resources!”

“I used to go to TPS all the time right after i had my first baby and I'll probably be back that often after i have my second (end of august).”

“The Pump Station was my savior when I was a new parent! Thank you!”

“Love the pumpstation and always recommend it to friends”

“The Pump Station really touches every new mothers life in such a wonderful way. We really couldn't do this without you!”

“I love the Pump Station and used to go there all the time (for both shopping and classes) when my first son was first born. I am now expecting my second child and have gone back to the Pump Station for some essentials already.”

“I love the Pump Station and recommend it to all my pregnant friends.”

“Thanks for being such a great store. You saved my milk supply so that I was at least able to breast feed for a few months.”

“The Pump Station really helped me get through the first 4 months. I learned so much & felt the staff was incredibly friendly, knowledgeable & willing to help.”

“You are a wonderful haven for nervous new mothers!!”

“I don't get to the store so much anymore but when I did I really welcomed the sense of community there”

We value and respect our clients greatly and want to make improvements to better service them. That’s why we want to hear from you!

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