Friday, January 14, 2011

Mini Moby & How to Wrap a Moby Wrap

Everyone loves their Moby Wrap, but did you know you can now share your love with your little one? Pump Station is now offering more Moby Wrap styles online including the Moby Mini. The mini is a plush toy or doll carrier for kids. Let your little one carry their wee little one or wee-fluffy one, just like Mom and Dad. It's too cute!

We now carry the Adult Moby in 8 colors including: 2 organic styles and the new Moby Wrap UV with 50+ SPF protection.

Don't forgot about Pump Station's FREE sling Clinics too. We demonstrate a variety of slings and carriers in a one hour class.

Learn how to carry your little one in a sling, a wrap, a carrier with a teether, a rattle or wubbie. You'll be smiling wonderfully with your w'ittle w'one wrapped, with a Moby and a WubbaNub. All w'eady for your day.

Watch 2 videos on how to use the Moby Wrap below. There's more than one way to wrap a Moby. Actually there are more than just to two below. See our website for a PDF.

(We apologize to Dr. Seuss)


meales said...

This video is nice, it really teach mother how to keep your baby safe.

meales said...

This is a nice video posted here, it really teach mother how to keep your baby safe.