Thursday, August 12, 2010

Episencial... healthy skin for life!

Caring for the Developing Skin Type
to Support Immunity
Episencial's Founder and CEO, Kim Walls

Did you know that babies and kids have a unique skin type? Its called developing skin.

We, at Episencial, are proud to be the first and only professional skincare system for developing skin. As the largest organ of the body, new skin – like baby – is growing and developing into a protective barrier and way to sense and experience the world.

And, just like baby, developing skin needs special loving care to grow healthy and strong.

Episencial’s all natural formulas feature an exclusive actively healthy immune complex™ to specifically care for the developing skin type™ of babies and kids, and they are perfect for sensitive adults too.

Learn about the complete skincare system for developing skin with 3 simple steps:

Step 1. Bathe: Gently cleanse and hydrate the delicate skin of babies and kids.

Step 2. Nurture: Moisturize and massage to build immunity and enhance parent-baby bonding.

Step 3. Care: Treat, relieve and protect bothered or sun-exposed skin.

Understanding the critical function skin plays in the immune system, Episencial used advanced skincare technology to formulate its products to first lay the basis for maintaining healthy skin and then infused those base formulas with exclusive blends of natural ingredients known to protect, support and promote immunity.

If you'd like to attend this class for FREE please RSVP to Carri at by Friday the 27th at 5pm.
This Class will be filmed on
Saturday August 28th at 3:30pm
in the Santa Monica Location.

Babies are always welcome, but due to the nature of the fact that this will be filmed, we need moms to step out of the room if their baby's get fussy. See you then!