Monday, August 9, 2010

KidCo Sale

Is your little one starting to walk and crawl to places unknown? Do you find them getting into places where no baby should go, boldly go or otherwise? Safety is a big concern for parents, grandparents or anyone that welcomes a child into their home regularly. Cabinets, drawers, outlets, knobs an even toilets are all new and exciting things to pull, tug, flush and turn. Let Pump Station and Kidco help make your home a safe place.

You may have seen KidCo products on HGTV, Martha Steward, TLC and CBS News. To help baby-safe your place, Pump Station has number of KidCo safety items at 25% OFF.

KidCo Cabinet Lock
Cabinet Lock

KidCo Toilet Lock
Toilet Lock

KidCo Stove Know Stop
Stove Knob Stop

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We also have Gate extensions and the KidCo Angle-Mount Safeway Gate at 50% OFF!

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