Friday, October 8, 2010


Every month in 2010, Pepsi is giving away 1.3 million dollars to fund good ideas, big and small, that make the world a better place. The Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation is in the running for $250K and we need YOUR support this October.

Winning will allow us to launch a campaign that will change the face of breast cancer research by getting ALL women enrolled in the Army of Women.

How Will We Use the Grant?
We want to launch a mobile campaign that will allow women to use text messaging to sign up for the Army of Women. Recent studies show that women (especially minority women) are more likely to use cell phones to communicate/connect with others. We need to implement a mobile technology campaign to get ALL women to sign up for the Army of Women and take part in research that will help prevent breast cancer before it starts.

Cast your votes 3 ways every day!
1) Vote Online
In order to vote online, you must first register at After you have registered, simply vote for the Army of Women idea by going to
2) Text in Your Vote
Text 103297 to "73774" (PEPSI) every day. (Standard text messaging rates apply)
3) Vote on Facebook
You can also vote for the Army of Women idea by using the Facebook application for voting. Add the application here and search for the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation’s idea for the Army of Women.
Remember to vote each way, once-per-day and push AOW to the top of the competition in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We can’t do it without your support!

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