Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Weekly Specials + Q-T Nursing Bra is 75% off

This week's Specials are up! 20% OFF Displayed Prices. All sales run until Sunday evening 10/5/2010.

We now offer the Thinkbaby Complete BPA Free Feeding Set online. The set includes: baby bowl with lid, soup bowl with lid, kids' cup, bento box with air tight lid, fork and spoon. Available in blue or orange, but you know orange is the new black.

Also this week we have C-Panty on sale. The After Cesarean Underwear™ panty specifically designed to address post-Cesarean concerns including scarring, swelling, sensitivity and discomfort. The Classic Incision Care 2 Pack , Progress Pack, Starter Set and others all 20% off.

We love you so much we put 3 bras on sale at 50% - 75% off. The Q-T Intimates 4204 Contour Lightly Padded Nursing Bra is under $10.00!

Q-T Nursing Bra 4204

75% OFF
Under $10!

Anita Softcup Microfibre Nursing Bra 507
Anita Nursing Bra 5075 Skin

50% OFF
Under $25!

Bella Materna Sport Bra

50% OFF
Under $45!

Also check the Sound Oasis Deluxe Sound Therapy System (S-3000). The 3 speaker (subwoofer) sound quality, AM/FM digital stereo with CD input will make your old Kenwood cry. It's not only great for the little one, but great for light sleepers, relaxing and catching up on the Sunday Times. Cool feature, sound softens incrementally as you fall asleep. Bad feature, this unit includes an alarm clock. Cool feature, the brightness of the digital read out can be lowered to a dim glow. And it's 20% OFF this week.

Also from the famous Dr. Sears we have The N.D.D. Book: How Nutrition Deficit Disorder Affects Your Child. Not only is this book packed with info and recipes, it's easy to read and not too "doctorly." Is your little one constipated after transitioning to solids? There's a chapter with recipes for that.

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